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GPS for change management

…gives you tools to navigate

The book’s structure

  • Relevant leadership stories simplify recognition
  • The stories are analysed according to a aggregated framework for the ingredients in communication and development processes
  • Qestionaires enable you to analyse the situation in your organisation
  • Proposed activities may help you to succeed with your change work
  • Analysis of some common theories and methods
  • QR codes to relevant TED talks and videos

The reader is provided with effective, efficient and well tested tools that penetrate the jungle of methods.

GPS for change management

Change is a constant state. Hence the leaders for the future need change competence.

GPS for Change Management gives tools to navigate, communicate and facilitate change processes in a world where change happens at an increasing speed.

The book gives GPS-keys to increased awareness and tools you can use to develop your organisation and yourself as a leader. The book aims at increasing your repertoire, confidence and balance in demanding situations and contribute to effective, efficient and lasting results.

We help you succeed

MetaChange offers courses supplementing the book and increasing your competence in the navigation, communication and mastering a changing world. The courses build upon the framework for communication and change processes as defined within Communicology. Participate and get access to a concrete tool box for how to succeed with your change processes!

The courses cover:

  • How to change organisations

  • How to succeed as a leader

  • How to succeed with changes in teams

  • How to achieve changes in your own life

Praise for GPS for Change Management

Finally an academic book that does not look like a PhD thesis with thousands of footnotes with references to research articles you will never read anyway. On the contrary this book is as readable as a novel. It is directed to you and gives you short stories that are easy to recognise. The presented framework is simple, relevant and logical. Shortly: This is an academic book that does not regress you to the school bench to learn definitions by heart or to get lost in the jungle of methods. Bravo, Eknes and Kveine!

Headmaster Trond Blindheim, Kristiania University College

I have used Randi Kveine as facilitator for the development of myself and the leaders reporting to me through five years, based on the tools described in the book. As a headmaster I got the tools to sort, analyse and help as developing the leadership of the school further. I am pleased the book «GPS for Change Management» has been published. The book enables my to access the GPS-tools and to share them with my co-workers. The book is easy to read, thorough, filled with useful tips and future oriented!

Headmaster Eva Arnseth, Ringsaker High School

«GPS for endringsledelse» is a must for everyone working as leaders or with development processes. The book is a practical step-by-step guide and a source of inspiration for all change agents – in small and large ventures and organisations.

CEO Dag Lausund, InnoTown Innovation Conference

I have lead organisations through small and large change processes. One element is always useful: That I as leader spend time to reflect during the process. Where are we now, what is the status, should I use my resources differently, am I in control, are people with me? «GPS for change management» is a useful tool for such reflections.

CEO of the Norwegian Rail Administration Elisabeth Enger

About the authors

Monika L. Eknes holds a PhD within safety engineering and management, and has held different safety and quality management positions, including as the safety director for the Norwegian Rail Administration. For the past 8 years she has worked as a serial entrepreneur and consultant.

Randi Kveine, cand.mag. in the field of pedagogics and social policy, and specialist in social work. She has held different positions as communication manager in the municipality of Oslo. She also is an entrepreneur and performing artist.

For the past 20 years she has run her own business: K-kommunikasjon.

Both are certified within Communicology and together they run MetaChange.


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